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Ninety percent of people don't necessarily know about these hidden functions in cars.

time:2015-04-27 04:23

Most people seldom refer to the manual of vehicle instructions issued on board. In fact, a car has many practical and human hidden functions. Let's see how many you know.

1. Ordinary endoscopic rearview mirror can also prevent glare. Driving in the evening, the most disgusting thing is the loss of morality of the driver behind the car. The long-distance light illuminates the whole journey. If you are unlucky, you will encounter a high-power xenon lamp. The rhythm is directly blinding your eyes. At this point, you must wonder how good it would be if you had an automatic anti-glare inner rearview mirror on your car. In fact, there is no need to be depressed, most of the ordinary endoscopes also have anti-glare function, but only need manual. Pull down a small turnboard under the rear view mirror of the car and break the turnboard into a vertical direction. Your rear view mirror will become anti-glare mode. Isn't it easy?

2. The sunshade can also roll over. As we all know, sunshade is used to shield the front of the dazzling sunshine, easy to drive. However, I believe that many owners do not know that the sun shade can also block the side of the sun. Only a little effort can be released, after 90 degrees of rotation can be close to the window, the side is not afraid of strong light! Of course, now some models adopt the design of double sunshade, which is more convenient to use.

3. Adjustable seat belt position Nowadays, most car owners have developed the good habit of wearing seat belts. However, due to the difference of body height and weight, the same seat belt height is just right for some people, but uncomfortable for some people. In fact, the seat belt position can be adjusted by pressing the adjustment button above the seat belt.

4. Luggage compartment transformed into emergency escape compartment This function is basically not used, but the so-called fear of 10,000 is afraid of 10,000. In case of special accident, you can't escape through skylights and doors. It's time to put the back seat down, climb into the luggage compartment, open the switch/open the cover of the luggage compartment to escape. It should be noted that not all vehicles have this set up specifically can consult the relevant sales and service personnel of 4S shop.